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August 25th, 2012


The build up of nerves, the excitement of new connections, the anticipation of new experiences.  The level of fear of the unknown, overshadowed by the thought of the fun that will occur.  The knowledge that old connections still remain, that this is something different, not a replacement.

I get this giddy feeling every time I have a planned play session; I really should plan more play!

November 27th, 2011

Public Disgrace

I realise that I am a bad blogger; I’ve been home from San Francisco for nearly two months (*sob*) but I haven’t actually said much about it. I could give you a whole bunch of excuses but, frankly, I’ve just not felt up to it. We came back and real life got in the way again.

San Francisco is a city where BDSM and kink are embraced. I cannot imagine anywhere in this country accepting kink to the extent that leather pride flags were flying across the city and a shop assistant in Sephora (a makeup store) asked us if we were in town for Folsom. As expected, the play parties and their spaces were spectacular, with a lot less restriction on how far you could go with people and so many people there, it was fabulous.

Public play is something I have had few experiences of (only one major one before going away). It gives my closet exhibitionist a chance to come out to play (I’m rather introverted normally). I’m also very aurally stimulated so the sound of other people’s play turns me on a lot too. I’ve been mulling over three different play parties recently (last night being one of them). They were all quite different for me, not just because of venue or who I was with but also the general feel of the event and my own mood.

When we were away, I went to two parties at the same venue, a permanent play space, SF Citadel. The first event was a pansexual one that all three of attended. I always love being topped by both of them and I was in a very submissive mood. I had some impressive bruising from that night and, despite someone literally rattling our cage, the night was awesome and so hot. I felt like a totally slutty disgrace, being fucked by both my partners, in full view of strangers, begging to come. Knowing that there was a DM very much perving filled me with both horror and pride; I love the level of humiliation I make myself feel for acting in such a slutty way in front of people.

The second party was at the same venue but was a queer dyke event, which adds to the hotness. Of course, it was just me and S and I was in a very different mood; giggling at nearly every impact and get more and more rampantly horny by the second, and being very aware of it. Woman tend to be more subtle when watching but it was still very hot and we had an awesome time.

More recently, there was last night’s SM Dykes play party so, again a queer dyke space but attended by people I know a lot more. Another permanent play space but smaller and with less perving space. I was again in a submissive mood and getting a good head rush from the rope bondage. It’s weird hearing your friends demanding to be called mistress whilst you’re being beaten and weirder still knowing that someone you hope to top one day is watching you being battered and abused, whimpering in a very un-dommely manner. Ignoring all that, the play was hot, and very much wanted, and coming back down to earth laughing and fellow perverts conversations is fun.

I love playing, wherever it is but there is a definite plus to finding yourself disgraced in public, humiliated and loving it all at the same time. Here’s to more chances to play.

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