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February 22nd, 2013

Meet me at the bar

I stroll into the pub and glance around. You’re waiting at the table like I told you to be, and I can see you must have listened to at least some of my message as I can see your hair’s tied up and you look suitably made up. I take my time, grabbing a drink and chatting with the girl I know you think is really cute. I can see you fidget and squirm in your seat, the look on your face expressing your discomfort.

I sit across from you, refuse to touch you, refuse to greet you with more than just a nod and a look. You’re wearing just as I asked, the low cut dress, the plunging bra, the heels that you can barely walk in. There’s a glimpse of thigh as your skirt moves and it takes me all my will power not to lustfully pull you towards me. I finish my drink in silence, looking at you approvingly, chuckling gently at your obvious impatience.

I give you the signal and you teeter off to the toilets, wobbling a little, pulling on the hem of your dress. I wait until you’re round the corner, then take my place in the side street outside. When you reappear, I just hold out my hand and into it you drop your sodden knickers. I can smell you on them without having to move my hand and, again, I have to hold myself back. Into my pocket they go and I walk off towards home, knowing you will follow. I keep a brisk pace in my DMs, partially as I am desperate to get into the privacy of the house, partially because I know just how hard you will find it trying to keep up with me.

The second we’re through the door, I pin you to the wall by your throat, my tongue in your mouth, my other hand pulling at your dress. “Teasing little slut” I growl in your ear and I feel your body melt. Roughly, I bundle you into a room and throw you to the floor. Before you have time to react, I’ve ripped your flimsy dress away from you, exposing your body to me. Soon your bra is off and all you have on is too high heels and the butt plug you obediently inserted earlier. You’re shell shocked, afraid to move. I smile to myself, happy to know you’ve been my good little girl but I’m not going to tell you that yet.

Before you can realise what I’m going to do, I grab the rope and use it to immobilise you. I’m quick and rough, not caring if the rope rubs against your skin, pulling it tight in sharp movements, binding you so that you cannot escape. The smell of the hemp mixed with the smell of your cunt makes me ache but I still hold back. I have plans for you.

My fists rain down on you, I’m punching you on the back, your arms, your arse, anywhere available to me. You whimper and moan, I’m not even started yet. My boots meet your flesh, you gasp, I carry on, nudging your legs apart, kicking your cunt with the toe of my boot. I grab you by your hair and snarl at you to clean my boots, shoving your head roughly towards my feet.

Once you’re done, I go back to the kicking and punching, pausing to make you clean up my boots, interspersing the physical abuse with some choice words about your sluttish behaviour. One final grab of your hair and I pull your head back, slapping you across the face.

“Who’s the little whore who was enjoying everyone letching over her in the pub, sitting there with the biggest plug in her arse, soaking her knickers through, knowing I was coming?” I don’t expect an answer but when you start to mumble at me, I grab your knickers out of my pocket and gag you with them. I push you over the sofa, arse in the air and leave you to wait.

My strap on is waiting on the other side of the room. I’ve picked the largest dildo, wanting to fill you. I strap it on and move back over to your waiting arse. A few more slaps and punches have you trying to scream through the gag. I position myself just at the edge of your cunt and I feel you trying to push back. Knowing you want this as much as I do breaks down my will power and my femme cock slams into you. The muffled gasp eggs me on and I pound away, knowing just how much this is pushing you. The friction against my own clit has me screaming out as a wave of orgasm hits me, just as you come all over me.

We collapse in a heap, both panting, sweaty, hot. I tenderly remove your gag, plug and ropes that bind you. I carry you to bed and we curl up. You look so peaceful, so carefree, makeup smeared over your face but you don’t mind. You seem to have forgotten it’s me you’re with and that was nothing.

October 2nd, 2012

Sadist in Training

I’m itching to play.
Desperate to have her body available to me.
Lining up my implements, considering what to use on her.
Wanting to practice my flogging technique on her bare skin.
Imagining the lines to be caused by my new canes.
Smirking at the idea of bringing her to her knees.
The sound of her gasp as I grab her hair.
My tender caress before the caring punch.
The grins on our faces when the scene is over
The glow that remains for days

August 1st, 2012


Don’t you love it when you end up enjoying something new in play that was totally unexpected?  Whether it’s realising how much you get a kick from needles or suddenly finding your toppy side, expanding your kinks is fun.

There’s been so many awesome, unexpected moments in play.

“Don’t come until I tell you”, whispered in my ear during already incredibly hot sex pushed me to my limits in a most marvellous way.  Bursting with desire and being desperate to obey.  Needing to please her but wanting my own release.  So amazingly hot!

Kidding around about a silly, bullying roleplay and suddenly having my hair grabbed and being teased and called the same kind of things I expected people really thought about me at school.  Pushed into a place that I was scared to be in but done in such a sexy way that I still had present day me in the back of my mind telling me that it was ok.  Realising that I can actually become a different person (or at least a different mindset) and it’s not just play acting was weird but fabulous.

Playing at a play party on a whim, after a service task and having one of the most special and connected scenes that I can remember; actually getting into subspace, which is definitely something I don’t do often during public play and not a sensation that I feel is a necessity of play for me.  I felt like there was just the two of us in that moment and I was totally taken somewhere else.   And all at a party where we thought we’d be too tired to play and didn’t want to put any pressure on ourselves.  The lack of expectations from each other just made it more awesome for me; so unexpected and memorable.

I love still being able to explore myself; finding pleasure in the unexpected.

March 27th, 2011

Hair Pulling

So, in my previous post, I talked about reconnecting with S, the BDSM aspect helping with that feeling but it got me thinking about one aspect of the scene in particular, hair pulling. There are a couple of very good videos on Kink Academy. One is part of the Full Contact Dom series, with GrayDancer. This video is very interesting and along with Arthur Hate’s video on Hair Play, I really had a lot to think about.

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March 20th, 2011


I think there always comes a time in relationships when that honeymoon period is over and things start to settle into a pattern. Stability and familiarly is nice but sometimes it can be nice to shake things up again. It’s never that the fire’s gone out but just turned down low, running low on fuel. I know the feeling well; 10 years with someone means that those flames have been all over the place at times. Real life can get in the way; household worries, health problems, work, study…all kinds of things. You don’t always notice straight away, life will continue comfortably and perfectly well but getting that energy back can do wonders for a relationship.

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