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March 18th, 2015

The Van

Oh dear, I seem to have let this blog stagnant for a little while again.  I’m very sorry and will try and do better.  For now, though, here is some smut.

You throw me into the back of your van, naked, on to a scratchy, old, dusty blanket and slam the door, not a word said to me, leaving me in the pitch black as you obviously get into the front and start up the engine.  I try to grab something as you move off, to not bounce around too much, the combination of fear and arousal confusing me.

When you stop, I think you’ll come straight for me but instead, the fear keeps building as I hear you talking to some guys outside, the words muffled, unclear, unknown.  As the door swings open, the light hits my eyes and temporarily blinds me as someone gets into the back with me.  Just I can start to see again, I’m bundled over onto my front with rough hands, definitely not yours.  I don’t see a face, and as I try to turn and look, my head is pushed into the floor by a boot.  I hear the zip of a fly, the weight of someone against me, a cock pushing hard into my arsehole, no care or control, just rough and painful, straight in.  I scream out, although muffled by the filthy blanket as the man starts to fuck me, building up speed quickly.  The pain of his thick cock starts to ease and I start to push back into him, my hips thrusting up.  I hear you chuckle.  Someone grabs a fistful of my hair and my head is pulled back.  There’s a huge cock in my face, dripping pre-come already and I open my mouth ready for him with hunger obvious in my eyes.  The guy teases me with his cock, hitting my face with it, smearing those beads of pre-come on my lips.  I groan and whine, desperate.  Just as the guy makes that final thrust to come in my arse, this huge cock is shoved into my waiting mouth so I choke and splutter, tears filling my eyes.

I am distracted now with this monster in my mouth, trying so hard to swallow him all.  I’m choking, tears and spit running down my face.  I barely care as I feel fingers invading my cunt, comments about how dirty I am for getting so wet from this, how cheap I am.  Those fingers are probing, hands all over me elsewhere, grabbing, pulling, teasing.  My nipples pinched, my breasts groped, my arse spanked.  The man in my mouth pulls out just as huge streams of his come erupt, aiming them on my face, my hair, my back.

I am flipped over on to my back and another cock is pushed into my tight arse.  Another guy straddles me and presses my tits together so he can fuck them.  Both of these men come all over me and leave, a moment to wait, a moment of relative calm.  I’m panting, filthy and dirty.  My face and tits are covered in come and spit, my hair sticky, my arse dripping, my cunt soaking and all I can hear is you chuckle as another couple of men step into the van, their weight shifting the floor so I know they are there.  I see them hand you a note, a fiver I think.  My brain can’t quite comprehend how little you are charging them.  

These two stand over me, calling me everything they can think of.  Fat whore, slut, pig, cow, filthy animal, come dumpster, worthless piece of meat.  They spit on me, they hurl more abuse and I can feel my cunt heating up, more juice running down my legs.  They see it too and pull out their cocks.  They piss all over me.  In my hair, my mouth, on my tits.  They wash away one type of filth to replace it with another.  They pull me onto all fours again and tell me to oink for them, to moo for them, to prove how much of a dirty animal I am.  One of them is making me clean his cock with my mouth, the other is pushing his fingers into my ass, one after another.  I feel the stretch as his fist slips in, the pounding and then the probe of his fingers at my cunt.  I grunt and groan.  1,2,3, 4…rhythmic pounding as his hand fills my arse.  I feel the final push and realise I have a fist in my cunt and ass at the same time.  The guy at my mouth needing to piss again and using me as a toilet.  I’m starting to loose focus, all the hands, cocks, piss, come, spit, it’s all over me and I feel violated and abused.  My body betrays me, my cunt dripping with the excitement as I beg you for more men to service.  You chuckle again, jump out of the van, slam the door and soon we’re on our way again.

July 26th, 2014

Degrade Me

I see you watching me from across the bar.  There is something different about you, not the usual kind of guy I’m interested in, something has caught my eye and I can’t stop staring now.  I can’t help but walk over to you, something urging me on in a way that I never normally feel.  I see you appraising me as I head over, your eyes following the line up from my heeled boots to my tight black skirt and over my figure hugging top.  My cleavage is exposed, milky white skin contrasting against the darkness of my outfit.  I lean over to introduce myself, my hand extended but instead of the handshake I expect, you grab my wrist and pull me close so that you can whisper in my ear.

“How much, whore?”

I’m shocked, and insulted and try to pull away but you hold on strongly. 

“Not so quickly, slut.  I know you like it, I can see it in your eyes” 

I want to protest but, for some inexplicable reason, I know you’re right.  You steer me towards the exit and I don’t complain, caught up in some unseen power you have over me.  I follow you into the car park and down the side street, against every bit of common sense I have.  You lead me to a car, open the back door and push me towards it.  I lose my balance and stumble into the seat.  As I’m righting myself, you get in the car and lock the doors.  I’m trapped.

The journey is a short one and soon you are pulling me out of the backseat by my hair.  I barely put up resistance as I know I want this, I can feel it in me.  Still, you drag me to a door and push me through, blinking as your eyes adjust to the new light levels.  We’re in a simple room; a table, a chair, a trolley with some indistinguishable items on it.  You throw me to the floor and tower over me, your power both terrifying and arousing.  Quickly, you’re on your knees, pulling at my clothes, ripping them from me, your hands rough on my body, no care being given to me.

“Time to make you mine, cuntrag” and you spit in my face.  I feel a throb between my legs.  Pulling my head back with one hand in my hair, your other palm connects with the side of my face.  And again.  And again.  The prick of tears in my eyes.  You spit on me and I shiver.  I catch a quick smirk on your face before you grab the shackles from the floor.  Long chains clink as you drag them over to me, fastening my hands together in front of my body. 

“Kneel” and I slowly rise to a position I think you’ll be happy with.

“Quicker and like this” and you kick my legs apart, the tip of your boot pushing into my cunt.  You grab the chain and pull my arms above my head.  Exposed.  You roughly grab my cunt in one hand, twisting a nipple in the other.  I scream, in shock and in pain.

“That won’t do, fuck slave” and you leave me for a moment to return with a large o-ring gag, ready to push into my mouth.  “Open wide”

The gag in place, you spit straight into my open mouth and laugh, a cruel chuckle to tease me.  I can feel the dampness of my exposed cunt, confusing me.  I want this, don’t I?  You hands are exploring me, not carefully like a lover but rough, grabbing, groping, pulling at my flesh.  You focus on my tits for a while, pulling and slapping them, red handpaints visible already.  You pull out a marker pen and start to deface me, words describing me written there in black ink, contrasting against the red marks and my otherwise ghostly pale complexion.  You list off the words as you’re scrawling them on me: slut, cunt, fucktoy, useless whore, cumslut, cocksucker, piss receptical, cumrag, three holes for use, body for sale, come hungry, cuntlapping slapper, slag, filthy animal, fuckpet, worthless fuckdoll.  Standing back to admire your work and smiling, you take photos on a mobile phone.

I’ve been quietly sobbing the whole time, disgusted by my arousal, horrified that I can enjoy this. 

“Your makeup is pretty”, as you smear it across my face.  “We should probably wash it off though”.  You unzip your fly, pull your cock out and piss on my face, into my waiting mouth, showering me.  I come instantly, with no warning, shaking with pleasure, my legs trembling.  “You will pay for that, piss loving slut” and you pulled me up to my feet. 

A bag of clamps and pegs are next and you cover every inch of pinchable skin.  You spread my legs so you can clamp my pussy lips then pull them so I am spread, lewdly exposed.  One final peg on my clit and you look happy.  I can feel my come dripping from me, hitting the floor, alerting you to my state of mind.  Again you smile, then walk off, leaving me spread, waiting, confused.  My cunt continues to drip until I realise I need to pee too.  The tears flow freely as I understand your plan, just as freely as the piss running out of me, down my legs, onto the floor.  When you return, you pull off every clamp and peg, apart from the ones on my cunt.  I come twice, squirting hard.  Again you smirk.  You tug on the peg on my clit, moans escaping the gag, my cunt dripping in response.  Another orgasm rips through me as you pull it free from me and I can barely stand.  You use this to push me to the floor, crushing my face into the puddle of my piss and come, your foot on the back of my head. 

“Clean it up, you filthy pain slut” and I do my best through the tears, orgasms and ring gag to lap it all up, gagging at the taste but loving the degradation.  I slump to the ground, exhausted but you drag me up again, clearly not finished with me.  You push me on to the table and secure me, my legs bent, my ass high, my arms spread.  You strap a dildo into my cunt, one that is slightly too long and wide so I feel stretched open.  You position a magic wand perfectly on my clit and start it up quite low.  I’m already close to coming again.  Next, a dildo into my arse, another big one.  When it starts to pump steadily in and out of me, I realise that it’s attached to a fucking machine.  Finally, you’re at my head, looking down at my face, menacing as you push your cock into me, simultaneously turning up the wand and fucking machine.  My mind starts to blur and I am awash with sensation and orgasm.  I feel you pull out and come on my body but the fucking doesn’t stop.  More cocks invade my mouth, more come decorates me, all the while my cunt is gushing from the unrelenting attention my ass and clit are getting.  I hear you laugh, talking to the other men in the room.

“Yes, she’s my whore now.  She will earn her place here.  But tonight, she is free.  Serves her right for not naming her price.”

July 17th, 2014

Latex Doll

The other day, you gave me strict instructions.  I was get my pubic mound waxed bare, have my eyebrows threaded and then make sure I was showered and shaved just before coming round to yours tonight.  I wasn’t to wear makeup, had to have my hair straight and dry and was to wear a plain black dress and plain underwear.  Understated.  I didn’t question it; I know how you like me to be presented.  I arrived perfectly on time and you were waiting for me by the door.  You walked straight to the car, me following close behind, and once seated, placed a blindfold over my eyes, blocking out the harsh street lamps.  Still I didn’t question you, trusting you implicitly.  We drove for what seemed like hours, although it can’t have really been that long.  You helped me out of the car, led me a short distance before we entered a building and then guided me up some stairs.  I couldn’t hear much, only our footsteps on the carpeted stairs.  When we stopped, there was a heavy thud of a bag hitting the floor and then more silence.  I was still calm, waiting for you, waiting for direction, waiting for something.  You stripped me naked, turning me this way and that, with haste but not roughly.  I shivered involuntarily as my skin acclimatised.  The unzipping of something and then the unmistakable sound and scent of latex clothing; the squeak of the material, the smell filling my lungs, the weight of it moving.  Time seemed to stand still.  I still had no idea what you were up to, I was still trusting and calm, although the latex was causing stirrings in my cunt.


You started to dress me, giving me instructions, having me sit down for you as necessary.  You started off by smoothing dressing aid all over my skin, taking time to leisurely rub it over my body, paying extra attention to my breasts and arse.  Then I felt cold at my arsehole and cunt, you fingering lube into both holes.  You had me step into something and then pulled up the knickers to my waist.  I felt a bulk of material bunched in my slit but you had me spread my legs, sorting it out by pushing the sheaths into my slippery holes.   Thoughts were starting to run through my head now, were the threats that you had whispered to me many times before finally going to come true?  My invaded cunt throbbed, breathing quickening, a flush across my skin.  You must have realised the effect on me but still you said nothing, just continuing on with the dressing.  You rubbed lube into the knickers before helping me step into another item.  My feet encased in latex, material pulled up my legs, then my arms, my body being enclosed in the catsuit.  You took time to make sure it sat right, that my curves were shown to their best.  The sound of the zip closing me off to the world nearly had me on the floor, quivering in anticipation.  Next were gloves to remove my feeling of touch.  Just my head uncovered.


Finally, I felt you behind me, unfastening the blindfold and slipping it off my head.  As I blinked and let my eyes adjust to the light in the room, I could sense you moving around.  Once able to focus, I could see we were in a dressing room, with a rail of latex items, a stool and a table covered with bottles of lube, shiner and dressing aid.  You were arranging my hair then pulling a simple hood over it, one with holes for my mouth and eyes.  I caught a look of myself in the mirror, pure black apart from the tiny peep of my pale skin through the hood.  I wanted to run my hands all over myself but knew I shouldn’t as you were still dressing me.  You had a pretty red underbust corset in your hands, adjusting the lacing.  Once you had it around my waist, you pulled it in tight, the boning working well to accentuate my curves even further.  There were suspenders dangling from the bottom and, as predicted, you sat me down and pulled on black stockings with red detailing on over my already contained legs, layering me up.  Next came the ballet boots, ankle high and black, the heels so very tall.  You affixed heavy locking straps to them and matching cuffs to my wrists, snapping the padlocks slowly in place.


You pulled me to my feet and took a couple of steps back to admire your work.  Then you grabbed the shinner from the table and worked your way all over me, starting at my legs and working the polish into a fabulous shine, all the way up my body.  I shivered with your touch, not cold but turned on by the feeling, the smell, the anticipation of what was going to happen next, what I thought may be in store for me.  When you reached my head, you took even more time, staring into my eyes but I could not read you.  You looked happy and pleased with me, with the way you were making me look but I could not tell exactly what you had planned.


“Just one final detail” you finally said to me, putting down the polish and reaching into the bag.  “Close your eyes”


I did as you said and waited, curious about this final piece.  I felt you pulling another hood over my head, gently smoothing it into position.  There were no eye holes and no mouth, just a couple of holes to let me breath.


“Open wide” and as I complied, you pushed latex into my mouth.  A condom hood, just like you have mentioned so many time as you’ve held me down and fucked me hard.  All of my body covered in latex, even my holes. I shivered, finally realising what you must have planned for me.


You fastened a collar around my neck, snapped a lock in place and clipped a lead to the front.  You led me by the chain and I hobbled on my precarious heels and nearly fell.  You pushed me onto all fours, tutting with disapproval and continued to lead me through the building.  When you stopped, you grabbed me by the waist and pulled me up onto some kind of surface, keeping me on all fours, my back arched.  I felt chains attached to my cuffs, holding me in place.


“Are you ready for this, slut?” your voice in my ear.  Then, to the rest of the room “Before you is a rubber doll, three holes for anyone’s use.  Feel free to do as you wish with what you see and enjoy.”


I shivered.  I couldn’t help it.  Part of it was fear, knowing that I would be in for a rough few hours, part of it was desire and anticipation, knowing that my cunt was dripping, filled with the sheath, knowing that I wasn’t going to feel the touch of skin on skin.  No way to know what was coming, no way to know who was doing what.  I waited there as still and patiently as I could, knowing that there were people walking around me, eyeing me up, deciding if I was worth it.  I could hear the muffle of conversation, of laughter, of lust.  A hand ran along my body, caressing, grabbing, groping.  The waiting was so hard and I was trying not to make a sound, trying not to give away my desperation.  I corrected my positioning, arching my back more, thrusting my arse further in the air, making my mouth more available too.  It can’t have been all that long but it felt like hours before I felt a body at my head, a zip unfastening, lube being pumped.  My mouth was open, ready for it’s invasion, desperate to feel cock and suck on it.  I was so focussed that I was shocked when I felt my cunt being stretched, penetrated so deeply in a quick thrust.  As my mouth opened wider to gasp, it was filled and I found myself barely being able to concentrate on the spitroasting I was getting.  My cunt was getting pounded by a jackhammer, whereas my mouth was getting a steady but deep fucking, cock being held down my throat longer than was really necessary so I was choking and gasping for air.  Soon there was an addition of a probing at my arsehole, solid and slowly stretching me wide and I could barely remember to breath with all my holes filled and my body desperate to come.  As my arse swallowed the plug, both cocks seemed to speed up and I was quickly pushed over the edge, my body shaking, prevented from screaming out loud by the cock gagging me.  It wasn’t long before both bodies pumping into me bucked and stopped, cocks twitching as they both came.  I was still spasming from my orgasm as the plug was pulled from my arse and pushed back in, out and in, someone fucking me with it, until it was fully removed and replaced with something longer and attached to a body.  Another orgasm flooded my body quickly and I stopped having a real sense of timing and actions.  Cocks and toys kept pounding at my body and there were times when I could feel a group of people grunting and moaning around me.  I lost count as various combinations of my holes were filled at the same time and I could barely last a few minutes before I could come again.  People were rough with my, spanking my latex clad arse, pulling me around, grabbing the sides of my head, my hips, my waist.  The noise in the room, although muffled through the latex, still seemed to be getting louder.  More people were there, laughing, moaning, groaning.


The sensation was overwhelming.  My body was weak, exhausted, literally fucked.  I was used like a doll, everyone’s toy for the night and I was going to remember.  I was still high from the orgasms, high from the sensation of being the night’s attraction when I heard you at my ear again.


“Time to clean you up, my little whore, and count up the money that you’ve made me” and with that, you led me away, tears forming within my latex hood.  I really am your whore now.

April 15th, 2014

Tied and Teased

I have you strip for me, your eyes not meeting mine.  You stand, waiting for me, goosebumps forming on your skin, even though the room is warm.  My hand gently strokes your face, my lips skimming over yours, not quite touching and I pull back as you try to kiss me.  A pout from you, a grin from me and my hand runs down your body, ever so gently.  As your eyes close in the moment of pleasure, I push you back onto the bed and straddle you so you can’t even think of moving.  I grab my rope and bind each of your limbs to a corner of the bed, simple, quick, secure.
Now I have you where I want, I can take my time with you.  I kiss you deeply before pushing the black ball gag into your mouth. A snort of derision, a slap across your face. You pull at the ropes that hold you down, unable to fight back, unable to move much.  My hands trace across your chest, down your arms, barely touching.  Another shiver.  I continue to tease, lightly caressing you, focusing on your upper body for now.  A gentle flick at your nipples and you shiver again.  I can feel your cock twitching against me, knowing what it longs for, knowing that you can feel the heat from my cunt as I am playing with you.
I move downwards and grasp your thighs.  Fingertips drifting up the insides, stopping before I touch your balls.  Another shiver, a moan of disappointment muffled through the gag.  So I shall carry on like this for as long as I can manage.  I want you on edge, I want you to be desperate, I want you to have no other thoughts than your deepest desires.  My hands continue to trace across your body; along arms, up legs, down sides and still I avoid the obvious parts.  My touch is getting firmer, yet, I drift my hand so gently across your balls, your cock, it twitching and hardening. You whimper through the gag and so I pause.  My hands start to roam my own body, hunting out my sweet spots, moaning as I catch them, my desire heightened by the look on your face, the twitch of your cock.
I grab the paracord from the side of the bed and pull it around your genitals, a make shift cock ring.  I wrap the cord around the top of your ball sack, stretching you, pulling your balls down.  I can feel how aroused they are as I tie the wraps off, leaving a length of cord.  My nails scrape along the underside of your rock hard cock and dig into the skin of your scrotum.  Your muffled gasp and moan, your twitching cock, all turn me on that little more.
I lean over the side of the bed to grab the nipple clamps, making sure you get a clear view of my arse, a glimpse of my cunt.  I straddle you, pushing my wetness against you, letting you know how much I enjoy this.  I grasp your nipple and pinch it between the clamp, releasing slowly.  You wince.  I repeat it with the second one then sit back.  I flick each clamp to see you flinch in pain, then run the extra length of paracord slowly up your stomach and attach it to the chain between the clamps, making sure it is just tight enough to pull at both ends a little.  I pull slightly and grin, seeing you gasp.  I press my knee up between your legs and you pull back, tightening the cord, pulling on the clamps, moaning in pain and pleasure.  I giggle sadistically and you snort.
“You love it, Boy.  Your cock betrays you to me.  Now I want you to suck on cock for me.”
I switch the gag to a dildo one, fastening the straps securely so that I can mount your face and push the dildo into my aching cunt.  I hover, teasing you with the smell and the sight, until I slowly lower myself right onto it.  I can’t help but let out a groan of pleasure as I feel it filling me up.  I ride it, slowly at first, taking cues from your moans of desire until I lose myself and fuck it as hard as I can, coming hard and fast, over and over again, my come dripping all over your face.  I take off the gag and brutally force it to the back of your throat, wanting to see you lick it clean, wanting to see how easily you can take cock in your mouth.
“That’s right, my little slut.  Show me what you’ll do when I get you a real cock to suck!”
You whimper but continue as you have been told until I am satisfied.
I pull on a black latex glove and run it over your lips.  You take it into your mouth and get my fingers nice and wet.
“Good boy”
I gently push into your asshole and start to milk you slowly.  Another finger easily slips in and I continue, backing off every time I feel you clench tightly around me.  Soon, I have four fingers in there and you’re begging me to come.
“Not until my whole fist is in there, Boy” and I reach for the lube.
November 24th, 2013

The Hunt

All that you’ve told me is to wear my running shoes; now I’m sat in the back of the car, blindfolded, no idea where we’re heading to.  The car is oddly quiet; no music, no talking, no laughter.  You were weirdly expressionless when you knocked on my door to pick me up.  We’ve stopped since then but you didn’t let me see, didn’t let me out.  Someone else got into the car but they’ve not said a word.  I know what you have planning but the anticipation is getting to me.  There;s an excited knot in my stomach and I’m getting impatient waiting to find out what’s going on.

The road surface changes and I wonder how much longer this journey will last.  Through the fabric of my blindfold, I can tell it’s getting darker, even though it’s still early in the day.  We slow and stop.  Door open and slam closed and still I wait.  Bang, slam, rustle, slam.  The cool air hits me as the closest door is opened.  Pulled out of the car and pushed slightly along a crackling path.  Then my trousers are pulled down, my hoodie pulled over my head, the suddenness of air on my bare skin covers me in goosebumps.  Stood there in nothing but my trainers and blindfold, my arms crossed across my body as much to hide my shame as keep myself warm.

I wait, time seeming impossibly slow, movement around me; footsteps, car pulling up, doors slamming, metallic clicks, faint murmurings of the other people obviously here too.  I take the time to gather my thoughts , my feelings.  I can smell earth, musty, damp, the freshness of foliage.  The cracking of wood beneath people’s feet place me in a wood of some kind, explaining the coolness and lack of bright sunlight.  I start to wonder what you have in store for me.  There seems to be too many people around to just be tying me to the trees and beating me.  My nakedness so early on into this suggests you mean to let everyone get a good look at me so I doubt it’s a photoshoot.

I’m about to call out and ask what’s going on when I am grabbed by my hair and something cold is pressed under my chin, keeping my head up long after my hair is released.  My breath quickens and I feel my heart pounding with the initial shock.  I know the feel of your pistol against my skin; you’ve used it to scare me before.  I feel and hear your breath at my ear.

“You’d better run fast if you don’t want us to hunt you down.  You have three minutes.” and with that, my blindfold is ripped off.

It takes my eyes precious moments to adjust.  Two others are there, naked, confused, disorientated.  We’re at the edge of a wood with eight or so air gun wielding individuals just behind us.  I can feel the fight building up in me but I know that my only chance is to run.  Ignoring the others, I sprint off down what looks like a path grateful of my trainers.  I weave through trees, duck under branches and try to get as far away as I can.  I pause for a moment, catching my breath whilst deciding where to go next.  A loud pop and a stinging sensation on my arse.  I jump and look around.  I can’t see anyone but the tiny area on my bottom is roaring with pain now.  Another pop but this one misses, skimming past me.  I don’t waste another moment and break into a run again.  So much for a head start!

I hear distant bands and shrieks but I can’t worry about the others.  I twist and turn through the trees until I have no idea of my whereabouts.  Then suddenly, a burst of sound, a burst of pain, the semi-automatic firing rounds into me.  The pain flows through me, adrenaline and endorphins.  I hear rustling leaves, snapping twigs and off I go again, running fast, branches hitting my face, nettles stinging my legs, thorns cutting into me.  I hear pops, bangs, shouts, screams but all in the distance, all a little isolated.  I turn around a tree, nearly running into someone.  I stop dead, realise that it’s you and run, fast.  I hear you pounding after me, shots hitting me, your feet heavy on the ground behind me.  You’re catching up, I can tell.  I try to run faster, try to put more ground between us.

My thigh explodes with pain.  A stream of shots catch me in almost the same place and I stumble.  The pain gets worse, stinging, burning, the afterglow worse than the initial shot.  I’ve stopped dead, the pain catching me unawares.  You’re upon me, grabbing my arms, dragging me to the nearest tree.  Your full weight pushing me into it, rough bark against my breasts, my arms grabbed by someone else, pulled around the trunk and handcuffed.  The coolness of the air skims over my sweaty body and makes me shiver, goosebumps appearing all over my arms.  Time seems to have stopped for there is silence, calm, nothing.  Then the shots come, calculated, precise, my arse the target, close enough together that I don’t have time to process each one.  Burning, stinging, hot.  My body can’t take this.  I can’t help but shout out after a little while, expletives littering my gasps and moans.  For this, you move your aim to my thighs, which causes almost unbearable pain.  Tears are running down my face now, I can’t hold them back.

I don’t even notice that your onslaught has ended until your pistol is under my chin again, the stark coldness of the metal both calming and scaring me.  You don’t say a word but I hear the zip of your fly then the prodding of your strapon at my arse.  You grab my hips and pull me back onto you.  Your hand between my legs, slipping easily over my cunt, to my arsehole.  Your hand on your cock, using my wetness to lube it up.

I gasp as you thrust into me, the suddenness causing pain, mingled with the burning from my bruised arse as your weight presses against it. You chuckle at my gasp and continue to fuck me, getting harder and faster as I moan and push myself towards you.  I’m getting louder, closer to the edge, desperate to come when you grab me by my hair, jerking my head back, covering my gasping mouth with your leather gloved hand.  The pain, the ecstasy and smell combined with you still being deep inside my ass cause me to come immediately, convulsing, unable to hold back, my come running down my legs.

You pull out, tidy yourself up and uncuff me.  I collapse at your feet and kiss your boots in gratitude.  After a moment, you grab my hair at the nape of my neck and yank me to my feet.  You drag me; I’m barely able to keep up.

“Time to show off my prize from the hunt…”

November 9th, 2013

First Meeting

I knock on the hotel room door, nerves almost getting the better of me. As I’m waiting, knots of anticipation in my stomach, crazy thoughts swirling around my head, I almost miss the click of the lock and the voice firmly telling me to come in. My slightly shaking hand turns the handle and I step over the threshold, quickly closing the door behind me.  I don’t see you at first as I’m entranced by the beauty lying on the bed clad in beautiful black lingerie, stockings and scarlet heels, the same shade as her lipstick.  You clear your throat and I quickly turn to see you striding over to me.  Before I can even take my coat off, your hand is in my hair, pushing me to the floor, my mouth at your feet, forced to my knees, my arse in the air.

“You’re late.” your stern voice rings out.

I feel shame flood my face and I try to apologise but you’re pushing my face into the carpet.  You pull on my coat roughly, popping the buttons off the front, dragging it off my body.  Underneath it, I just have on the underwear that I found at my own hotel, along with the the details of where to come tonight and some very strict instructions.  You seem happy as your grip loosens on the nape of my neck and I can hear a slight smile in your voice as you talk to me.

“Good girl!”

You move away from me but I stay where you’ve placed me, not wanting to get on your bad side any further.  My body shivers with desire, wanting to feel your hands on me, wanting you to kiss me, wanting you to take me completely.

“Come over here, girl.”  your voice firm but not angry and I get up neatly and move over to where you’re standing, my head slightly bowed.

You take your hand, cupping my chin and lifting my head to face you.  Our eyes meet for a second and you pull me into a deep, passionate kiss.  Our tongues meet, you take my lower lip into your mouth and bite hard enough to make me gasp.  Then your tongue is deep in my mouth again and I can feel the electricity, feel the throb in my cunt.  I grasp at your back, at your arms, at any part of you that I can get my hands on, desperate for you, desperate for more than just your kisses.

You sense my desperation and push me back to my knees.  You slowly unbuckle your belt, undo your zip, lower your trousers, taking your time to taunt me a little.  Your cock is right by my mouth, not fully erect but twitching with arousal.  I use my tongue to lick around the head, gently teasing, coaxing your hardness.  Kissing along the shaft and licking my way back up, holding myself back, not wanting to come across too eager.  I take the head into my mouth and suck a little, staring up at your face and the moment you catch sight of that look in my eyes, the one that shows just how much I want you, you grab the back of my head and drive your cock into my waiting mouth, pushing deep into me, making me gag a little.  I suck you like my life depends on it, my head bobbing, hungry for you, desperate to taste you.  You grab my hair and fuck my face, your cock getting deeper, swelling with every thrust, egged on with the sounds of my gagging, the tears running down my face, the eagerness of my continued sucking.  I feel your cock begin to pulse and you hold my head so my chin is deep in your balls.  Your hot come shoots down my throat and I keep swallowing so that I don’t choke, delighted by the taste, by the feeling that my mouth has been used for your pleasure and that alone.

You pull out of me and pull me back to my feet.  You strip off what little clothing I have on, leaving just the stockings held up by the straps of a beautiful vintage suspender belt.  You do the same to the gorgeous woman on the bed, leaving just her stockings and heels.  I’m mesmerised as you do, doing it with much less haste and much more care and attention to her body than you did with me, knowing that it will arouse me, knowing that I won’t be able to look away.  Your hands slip the straps of her bra off her shoulders and run down to her generous breasts, cupping them, caressing them, gently squeezing them before unhooking the bra at her back.  It slips off with ease, releasing each breast and I quietly gasp as I catch the sight of her gorgeous nipples.  You take each one in your mouth in turn, gently nibbling and sucking whilst running your hands down to her arse.  Your hands skim over her cheeks and you hook your thumbs into her knickers, slowly tugging them down, revealing her cunt.  You kiss down her belly, slowly, tenderly and stop just above her clit.  An intake of breath, a look of pleasure on her face.  You push her back onto the bed, lying between her legs, kissing her deeply and a moan escapes me.  You pause and look over to me.

“Do you want something, girl?”

I quickly look down and mumble something.  You’re upon me in a second, pushing me to a chair and tying my ankles to the legs, handcuffing my wrists together behind me back.  I feel exposed, my legs spread, your hand millimeters from my cunt.

“Oh, my, girl.  I can feel the heat from you already and we’ve not even really got started.”

I blush and lower my head again.  You quickly hold my head back up and look me straight in the eyes.

“You will keep your head up, like a proud little slut.  I wouldn’t want you to miss seeing this.”

You drag the chair over towards the bed and then slip out of the rest of your clothing.  Your cock is hard again and the sight of it makes me bite my lower lip.  You pull her legs open wide and I can see her wet and waiting cunt, making me wish my tongue could sweep over her lips, taste her.  Instead, you slide your cock into her smoothly and begin to fuck her deeply, her groans of desire growing louder as you pound away at her.  Your hands roam over her body, tweaking her nipples, holding her down, kissing her deeply.  I can feel the wetness increasing between my thighs, the sounds and sights of the pair of you turning me on more than I wish were true. I am desperate to touch myself but, instead, I can only watch as you continue a steady rhythm and bring her to orgasm so many times that even I have lost count. She’s screaming her head off now, and you pull out, flip her over and press her face into the pillow to muffle the sound. Your cock teases along the divide of her arse cheeks and the head prods at her holes, alternating between cunt and asshole. You take your time, delighting in seeing her push back into you, hearing my soft moan of longing. You pause and look over to me, a smirk on your face as you push yourself into her obviously tight arse until your balls hit her pussy lips. She explodes, a mixture of immense pleasure and pain leaving her mouth and you fuck her, motivated by her convulsions.  I’m transfixed as I watch you pound her hard and fast until you pull out and shoot the rest of your load onto her backside.

You walk over, unfasten my legs and drag me to the bed by my hair. You shove my face into her cleft.

“I want her clean” you demand.

I hesitate for a moment and it’s long enough for you to notice. You pull my head back sharply and slap me sharply across the face, the sound resonating around the room.

“For that, you’ll do my cock and balls too” you growl fiercely and you shove my face back to her arse.

My face is burning, not only from the slap but the shame. I stick my tongue out and start to draw it up over her cunt, where your come has mingled with her juices. She shivers and I’m encouraged by her reaction and my own surprise at how good it tastes. I work my way up, delving into her cunt, already sopping again. I gently tease her perineum with long, light strokes and then probe her arsehole, still slightly stretched, the last remains of your come inside.

I get up to come and clean you but, instead you push me back to the bed.

“You disgust me. Only a cheap whore would clean a come filled arse like that.  Next you’ll be begging for me to fill your own ass, won’t you, slut?”

“Oh, please, please fuck me, even my arse. I need your cock, I need your come.” I surprise myself with my wanton desire.

You toss over a large strap on to her; she grabs it and moves out of my line of sight. I wait, nervous, hungry for your touch, for your mouth, for your cock. She lies back down on the bed, a sizable dildo harnessed to her hips. It’s bigger than I’ve ever taken and I know my eyes must have widened at the sight of it.

“What’s wrong, little slut?” she says to me, with more than a little teasing in her voice. “Scared of my cock, are we?”

I nod, another blush spreading across my face.

“Better get it good and wet then” you say as you push my head towards it.

I struggle to take it in my mouth but do my best and when you’re happy, you pull me up and position me so I’m straddling her, the solid cock just pushing into my hole. You reach around from behind me and start to trace your finger over and around my clit. I shiver and wriggle and I find myself pushing on the cock a little. I can’t help enjoy it and try to take more of it. I can feel it stretching me, both uncomfortable and turning me on,  knowing how full it will make me feel. You continue to play with my clit, her hands lightly pinching my nipples, the occasional sharper pinch making me react and take even more of the dildo.

You suddenly stop and I pout.


“What more do you want, slut? It’s completely inside you.”

I can’t quite believe it; I feel so turned on, so close to orgasm, so desperate for more. As though you have heard my thoughts, you bend me forward and start to poke at my arsehole. I moan; I can’t help it. I feel the cold of your lubed up cock trying to breach the entrance to my arse and I nearly come right there. You take it as a sign to push your way into me and I shudder with release. After the first wave is over you start to fuck me slowly, rocking me on the huge cock filling my cunt. I can’t think straight, my orgasms are exploding into one long stream of delight and I feel so used and full.

I don’t know how long it continues. I am a wreak from pleasure and you use that to your advantage, fucking my holes and using me until you are both done, both panting, spent, finished with me. I am disheveled, sweaty, covered in come, stockings ripped, lipstick smudged, mascara streaking down my cheeks. You throw me my coat and push me through the door.

“Same time tomorrow, slut?”

All I can do is nod as you slam the door in my face. A grin breaks out on my lips as I turn and walk away.

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September 5th, 2013

Consequences for a brat

This is a sequel to The Brat. Again, I’m not 100% about it but it has got me writing again, plus there is a possible 3rd part to come too.

Alone, crying to myself in my confinement, I long for you to come back now. I want to apologise, to say I’m sorry for my indiscretions, to beg at your feet. I hate to disappoint you. Time passes and the tears dry on my cheeks. Where are you? I want to shout out for you, but I know better now. I have to wait, be patient, to learn my lesson.

I must have fallen asleep as I am suddenly aware of a crick in my neck and the clatter of metal against metal. I open my eyes and there you are, opening the door. A smile breaks out on my face, until I see yours. There is a cold, hard look in your eyes and your lips are drawn in a thin line. I don’t think you are about to forgive and forget and why should you?


There is nothing in your voice that hints at warmth and I stumble out of the cage, hugging my near naked body, shy and desperate for your caring arms around me.

“I’m so sorry, Sir. I really am. I won’t do it again. I’ll be good.”

You don’t even look at me as I talk to you, your back turned, moving furniture around, tidying the room.

“Sir, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I don’t know what I was doing.”

Still you ignore me and I shiver, feeling myself on the edge of tears again.

“Please let me make it up to you, Sir, please. I’ll do anything.”

“Anything? Really?” you question, with the hint of a smirk.

“Of course, Sir.” Desperate to please, eager for you to forgive me.

“Hmmm” you don’t sound convinced and I try to look at remorseful as I can. “You need to prove that you have learnt your lesson. Brats are not worthy of my attention and I won’t think twice about locking you back in that cage if you disappoint me again.”

My head bows and I feel tears silently running down my face. A fist in my hair and I am being dragged across the room. You pull me up to face you and I am suddenly scared. A hand across my mouth and nose, held there until my fingers are trying to pull you off me. I can’t breath and am starting to panic.

Released and I gasp for air but I have barely recovered before you start the process again. My head is getting fuzzy, my mind blanking and suddenly I can breath again. Once more, I feel you at my throat, once more my breath taken from me. Controlled by you. One of my basic human needs and you have taken its control away from me. A reminder of exactly who I belong to.

“Be thankful I am letting you breath at all.”

You bend me over the back of a chair and nudge my feet apart slightly with your boot. My knickers are ripped off and I feel ashamed, degraded, used. I feel you trailing a cane across my skin, my back, my arse, my thighs.

“100 strokes. One for each minute I had to keep you locked in that cage.”

I let out a whimper and you tut. Breathing deeply, I know this is going to push me but I have to take this for you. I have to show you I can behave. I have to prove I am still your good girl. Waiting, anticipating, fearful. Feeling exposed as a draft skims across my naked cunt. Hoping you have changed your mind, that it’s all just a game to mess with my head but I know, deep down, that is wishful thinking. Waiting for the cane is almost as excruciating as the physical pain it can cause and I stand as still as I can. Still waiting. You must have gone to do something, I get fidgety and move out of position, glancing around the room, just as you come in through the door.  You’re carrying restraints, a heavy wooden paddle and something else, black and bulky.

“You can’t even stay still for a minute, can you.”  It’s not a question, more a statement of my disobedience.  “I thought I might need these.”

He attaches straps at my wrists and ankles without care, padlocking them shut.  A leather hood placed over my head removes my sight.  I am just thinking that I am lucky to be able to breath through my mouth when a ball gag is shoved in there and buckled to the hood.  I will myself to breath slowly, knowing how small the air holes by my nostrils are, knowing you will be displeased if I panic.  You bend me back over the chair and fasten my legs apart, my hands together.

“You shall count each stroke for me.  If you forget where you are up to, we start again.  If I can’t understand you, I will assume it wasn’t hard enough and we won’t count that one.”

My whimper comes out as a muffle.

“What was that, girl?  I couldn’t hear you.” Amusement obvious in your voice.

You start to beat me, slowly, with force and I manage to count well enough for you, numbers uttered once the initial pain subsides, once my brain clears enough.  Each blow sears through my backside.  A leather filled intake of breath follows and I struggle to stay still against my fastenings.  Another number, another stroke.  We’re at about 40 when you seem to kick it up a notch and I start to falter more.  The pain isn’t subsiding enough to let me think even the simple act of counting and I can barely make clear sounds.  I am trying to not cry with both the pain and your certain disapproval.

“Hmmm, I don’t think I heard that.  What number are we on, girl?”

“I don’t know, Sir.” Tears pricking at my eyes.

“Oh, dear.  You know what that means.  Start counting again.”  You sigh, as though you expected me to fail.

On the next few blows, I try to count but I know you can’t understand me.  The blows continue.

“Quit counting, pathetic girl.  They obviously didn’t teach you very well at school.  I will continue until I am done with you.  Until I make you bleed.”

I slump and you beat me, the cane biting into my skin, my arse stinging like I’ve never felt before.  I feel defeated, broken, helpless.  I try to take it as well as I can, knowing that I deserve this, knowing that I should never have acted the way I did.

You pause for the briefest of moments and I take the chance to try and slow my breathing.  I don’t assume you have finished but what comes next was not expected.  A series of strokes down the backs of my thighs, feeling as though a blade has been drawn across my skin.  My breath is stuck in my throat, my head is swimming with the pain but there is no more.  You have stopped.  You are unchaining me, helping me stand, carefully taking off the hood.  Once my eyes are used to the light again, I dare to look up.  Your face is hard to read.  Not blank, exactly, but it’s not obvious how you are feeling.

“Get dressed” as you turn to tidy up. “I want to take you on a little car ride.  Think carefully about what may be a suitable outfit.”

Immediately, scary but slightly exciting thoughts run through my head.  I take myself out of the room, wincing slightly with each step, thinking of the perfect outfit to show off my new marks to the world.

July 15th, 2013

Rope Play

I sit, hugging my knees to myself, waiting, anxious, eager.  You position yourself behind me, close, comforting.  Your hands trace down my arms, lightly, gently, sending shivers up my spine.  Fingertips stroke my neck, my collarbone, my cheek.  I melt, my body leaning back into you, my eyes close.  A rustle to the side of  you, I feel the rougher sensation of rope skimming across my skin.  A waft of jute fills my lungs and I melt all over again.  That smell gets me every time. 

My attention is back with you when you pull the hank out quickly and throw it across the floor, the whipping sound filling my ears.  You tease me with the rope, letting it slide across my skin, relaxing me, waiting for me to become entirely yours. 

The sudden arm around my throat, your other hand twisting my arm around my back.  Rope hooked over my thumb and used briskly to bind me, wraps to my arm, my chest, rough, quick.  Then a slowing down, painstaking positioning of the rope between my breasts.  A sharp tug, taking the breath from me.  Energy flowing in those ropes, an extension of you.  Your care, your tenderness, your twists, your sadism, all coming through the twisted fibres.  You control me, pushing and pulling, manipulating ropes around my limbs, gently running them between my legs, briefly pulling them at my neck. 

Securely held where you want me, unable to escape, not that I would even try.  A pause and I calm myself, my breathing regular.  Waiting, calm, collected, embracing the rope, feeling safe in its constraints.

The first slap is unexpected, a sting on my thigh.  I yelp, unprepared and you react with continued abuse from your hands; a pinch here , a punch there, a dig into a pressure point, a knuckle in between my ribs.  I squeal, gasp, wriggle, my rope reverie broken, my body reacting to the delightful sensation, heightened by my previous calm.  You push me, slaps to my body, the stinging feeling never quite resolving before the next blow.  Palms turning to fists, sting turning to thud, and soon, I am melting away again.  My whole body resonating, each punch pushing me to that floaty place.

Time disappears.  The ropes are untied, each one with the care that was used to place it initially.  Slow, meditative, blissful.  You pass rope under my nose before circling me with your arms, cocooning me, protecting me, I am aware of only us.  A happy bliss.

June 21st, 2013

Filthy Friday

I promised you more smut and I wasn’t just teasing but you won’t find it posted on this blog! I’m sorry but you’ll have to head over to the Sh! Womenstore’s blog as I have been included in their Filthy Friday free erotica. Anyway…on to the smut! I give you Party Directions

March 8th, 2013

The Exhibition

I wait for her to arrive. I’m dressed in a corset and heels, cleavage on show. My lips are painted deep red, seams run up the backs of my legs, hair pulled back. I feel confident and in charge.

When I see her, I can’t help but smile. She’s followed my orders and looks exactly how I wanted her to. There’s one thing missing though. I watch as she walks over to me and wordlessly bows her head I slip the soft leather collar around her neck, catching a hint of its delightful smell. I fasten it gently and guide her to look up at me, caressing her check, feeling so powerful.

“You look beautiful and I am proud to call you mine”
“Thank you, Miss” barely a whisper

I plant a tender kiss on her lips and lead the to the stage. The spanking bench is waiting and, will a gesture, she bends herself over it. I tighten the restraints around her wrists and stroke her hair, making sure she is ready. I feel her body relax. As I pull on my gloves, I let her smell the leather, seeing her melt and relax further.

I admire the sight of her arse, presented to me, presented to everyone. A warm up to start, well paced, building up, alternating checks, loving the feel of spanking her, the sound of impact, the aching of her back. I lower her knickers to expose her pale flesh, smiling to myself as I think about how unblemished it is. More gloved slaps, getting harder and faster and still she is silent. I pull off a glove and alternate using my hands until I find myself just using the unshielded one. The feel of the sting when my hand makes contact with bars skin. She’s not been able to stay completely silent and now I know she’s ready.

“Everyone is here to watch him you, to see the marks made on your body, to hear you scream”

She looks at me, pleading with her eyes, but I turn away to reach for the first cane, medium weight, rattan. I start off slowly, lightly tapping to get a feel of the cane. Small moans and yelps follow as I increase the strength of my whipping, working through the canes from thuddy to stingy, natural and man made, flexible and rigid. Her skin glows a beautiful shade of pink, a smattering of marks but not enough yet.

I pick up the final cane. I pass it in front of her eyes and she starts to protest. It’s the stingiest one, whippy and mean and she knows I will use it hard. Loudly enough for the room to hear, I address her,

“I want you to count in batches of 6, clearly, for everyone to hear just how hard this is for you.”

She nods and I begin swiping the cane across her backside, making contact and waiting for her reaction. A repressed yelp, a gasping breathing, a defiant count. Again, the stick meets her skin, harder. Her reaction is louder but still, a hint of defiance. I will break her. My blows continue, some devilishly hard, others so quick in procession that she can barely count. She’s struggling now, the numbers catching in her throat.

I will make this set my last, put everything in have into it. The first breaks the silence with her cry, the welt on her skin visible almost instantly. By the 4th, she is counting through sobs, still determined. When the set is over, I caress her skin,  hand skimming over red marks, making her gasp out. Beautiful lines blossoming on her body. My hand wanders between her legs and I am surprised by her obvious arousal.

As I brush over her cunt, an entirely different moan escapes. She’s forgotten where we are. Gently, I tease her, stroking, prodding, pulling back. Her moans increase, getting louder, more desperate, her body aching into me. A hand at the nape of her neck, pulling her sharply back as my other fingers thrust into her. Another scream, of shock, pain, pleasure.  I finger fuck her fast and hard, until I can feel her body contacting, legs shaking, moans climaxing.

A gentle touch, the careful unrestraining,  the stroking if hair, bringing her back. A kiss on her forehead

“Well done, my good little girl. You have made a lot of people happy tonight. They enjoyed being witness to both your pain AND pleasure.”

A bashful look, a blush on her cheeks.

“I am proud of you, my good girl. You did well” Her smile says it all; now when to show off my girl again?

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