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November 2nd, 2012

Blade’s Edge

Cold steel on skin
Eyes filled with fear
The unforgettable sound of unsheathing
The weight in your hand
The power in that weapon
Shivers running down the spine
Caressed by icy metal
I want to make you go weak at the knees just with the threat
I want to be controlled by someone else’s blade
Completely entranced by knives, happy to be a switch

May 15th, 2009

Objects of Desire

As I have said before, the only man I have any interest in sexually is my husband. In fact, the thought of other man naked makes my skin crawl. But women, on the other hand, fascinate me.

I love a woman with curves to die for, perfectly proportioned with skin that begs to be kissed all over. I love to caress specific lines along her body, along her collar bone, around the curve under her breast, down her waist to hip bones that stick out ever so slightly. I love women in their underwear, feeling proud of their shapeliness, stockings covering their legs, feet bound in gorgeous shoes, peep toes, heels, mary janes. I adore the softness of their touch, the sweet taste of their kiss, the unspoken understanding. I fantasise and desire to feel their warmth against me. I miss something but at the same time, don’t want to destroy the idea I have in my head.

There are a few real women in my life I would love to have a little extra fun with but they will remain the objects of my desire, secretly dreamt about, painful longing in my heart.

May 15th, 2009

In Love

I am in love with this girl!

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May 9th, 2009


These have been playing on my mind a lot recently.  I don’t really know why; perhaps I want to shake things up a bit, perhaps I’m just a little greedy.  Whatever the reason, I keep thinking about him taking me from behind whilst I tongue fuck some beautiful girl.  Sometimes I know who that girl is, other times, it’s just a body to grab and hold and smell; clean and turned on and begging for my tongue.  Smooth, milky skin and the breasts of a goddess.  And all of this whilst being fucked hard and deep by the man who knows everything about me.  His hands knowing where to go, grabbing my waist as though corseted tightly, making me feel both like a million dollars and like his whore.

I’m not sure it would really work out but it keeps on playing through my head, sometimes it’s being forced on me by him, sometimes it’s a lot more gentle.  But every time, she eventually turns out to be her, even if it means her skin has changed colour.  I think it tells me a lot about my state of mind when it comes to my ex-girlfriend.  I still desire her; I crave her kisses, her hands on my body and even the way she teases me.  I crave things I never even had from her.
May 9th, 2009

Welcome to my world…

…a world where I get to write about what I really feel, think anything is possible.

This blog has been entirely inspired by Magdalene as I find myself lusting after her expression, her freedom to post in such a desiring way and missing my more “adult” outlet, no longer being a member of any of the alt porn community websites (on a side note, I find myself lusting after Magdalene in many other ways but that will have to remain a dream).
I really just wanted a place to write down those dirty frustrations, those erotic moments, those passionate nights…not so much as a memory but as a turn on.  Plus, I’m an exhibitionist at heart so the thought of people reading this adds to the reasons for posting.
But to start, an introduction.  I’m 23 and what could be described as a lesbian with a husband.  He’s the only man that I find that kind of interest in.  Women, on the other hand, are beauties I constantly find myself fantasising about, thinking of those gentle hands, gorgeous curves and smooth skin.  I’ve had 3 sexual partners; my husband and 2 one night stands with girls I barely knew.  I do wish this wasn’t the case as a one night stand is not my ideal way of thinking but they both served me a purpose at the time and would never have led to anything more.  I’ve always been more on the kinky side of things but I equally love vanilla sex; sometimes the thought of gentle, loving sex on crisp linen with nothing more than two entwined bodies makes my hairs stand on end.  But then there’re the times that I want to be held down with hands around my throat.  But I digress.
I hope you enjoy this blog…I know I will!
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