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May 19th, 2013

Some changes

I’m not sure how many of you will have noticed, especially as my blog was down for a few days just after I changed things, but I’ve been making a couple of changes around here and one of them is a very much adapted About Me section.  Take a look if you want to know what’s been going on in my head a bit more!

August 18th, 2011

About me

In other news, although I wrote this a while ago, I’m not sure how many people have seen it and, having re-read it, I realise that, for once, I am relatively proud of a piece of my writing that actually says something relatively concise and accurate about me.  So, have a gander at my about page

February 4th, 2011


I’m very excited to have been chosen as a student blogger for Kink Academy. I hope to get some much out of it, both for myself and my partners. What I need to do is work out some kind of timetable for myself of the kind of videos I want to be watching so that I can get the most out of this semester.

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October 23rd, 2010

It’s been awhile

So, I’ve taken a bit of a backseat with writing again but a lot of my creativity and sexuality were being stifled by not living in my own house. But all that has changed and so this blog way become used again.

Recently, I have been out more on the Manchester scene. I’ve started going to munches and attended Dystopia, which was a amazing experience being surrounded by the decadance and beauty of it all.

May 9th, 2009

Welcome to my world…

…a world where I get to write about what I really feel, think anything is possible.

This blog has been entirely inspired by Magdalene as I find myself lusting after her expression, her freedom to post in such a desiring way and missing my more “adult” outlet, no longer being a member of any of the alt porn community websites (on a side note, I find myself lusting after Magdalene in many other ways but that will have to remain a dream).
I really just wanted a place to write down those dirty frustrations, those erotic moments, those passionate nights…not so much as a memory but as a turn on.  Plus, I’m an exhibitionist at heart so the thought of people reading this adds to the reasons for posting.
But to start, an introduction.  I’m 23 and what could be described as a lesbian with a husband.  He’s the only man that I find that kind of interest in.  Women, on the other hand, are beauties I constantly find myself fantasising about, thinking of those gentle hands, gorgeous curves and smooth skin.  I’ve had 3 sexual partners; my husband and 2 one night stands with girls I barely knew.  I do wish this wasn’t the case as a one night stand is not my ideal way of thinking but they both served me a purpose at the time and would never have led to anything more.  I’ve always been more on the kinky side of things but I equally love vanilla sex; sometimes the thought of gentle, loving sex on crisp linen with nothing more than two entwined bodies makes my hairs stand on end.  But then there’re the times that I want to be held down with hands around my throat.  But I digress.
I hope you enjoy this blog…I know I will!
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