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March 18th, 2015

The Van

Oh dear, I seem to have let this blog stagnant for a little while again.  I’m very sorry and will try and do better.  For now, though, here is some smut.

You throw me into the back of your van, naked, on to a scratchy, old, dusty blanket and slam the door, not a word said to me, leaving me in the pitch black as you obviously get into the front and start up the engine.  I try to grab something as you move off, to not bounce around too much, the combination of fear and arousal confusing me.

When you stop, I think you’ll come straight for me but instead, the fear keeps building as I hear you talking to some guys outside, the words muffled, unclear, unknown.  As the door swings open, the light hits my eyes and temporarily blinds me as someone gets into the back with me.  Just I can start to see again, I’m bundled over onto my front with rough hands, definitely not yours.  I don’t see a face, and as I try to turn and look, my head is pushed into the floor by a boot.  I hear the zip of a fly, the weight of someone against me, a cock pushing hard into my arsehole, no care or control, just rough and painful, straight in.  I scream out, although muffled by the filthy blanket as the man starts to fuck me, building up speed quickly.  The pain of his thick cock starts to ease and I start to push back into him, my hips thrusting up.  I hear you chuckle.  Someone grabs a fistful of my hair and my head is pulled back.  There’s a huge cock in my face, dripping pre-come already and I open my mouth ready for him with hunger obvious in my eyes.  The guy teases me with his cock, hitting my face with it, smearing those beads of pre-come on my lips.  I groan and whine, desperate.  Just as the guy makes that final thrust to come in my arse, this huge cock is shoved into my waiting mouth so I choke and splutter, tears filling my eyes.

I am distracted now with this monster in my mouth, trying so hard to swallow him all.  I’m choking, tears and spit running down my face.  I barely care as I feel fingers invading my cunt, comments about how dirty I am for getting so wet from this, how cheap I am.  Those fingers are probing, hands all over me elsewhere, grabbing, pulling, teasing.  My nipples pinched, my breasts groped, my arse spanked.  The man in my mouth pulls out just as huge streams of his come erupt, aiming them on my face, my hair, my back.

I am flipped over on to my back and another cock is pushed into my tight arse.  Another guy straddles me and presses my tits together so he can fuck them.  Both of these men come all over me and leave, a moment to wait, a moment of relative calm.  I’m panting, filthy and dirty.  My face and tits are covered in come and spit, my hair sticky, my arse dripping, my cunt soaking and all I can hear is you chuckle as another couple of men step into the van, their weight shifting the floor so I know they are there.  I see them hand you a note, a fiver I think.  My brain can’t quite comprehend how little you are charging them.  

These two stand over me, calling me everything they can think of.  Fat whore, slut, pig, cow, filthy animal, come dumpster, worthless piece of meat.  They spit on me, they hurl more abuse and I can feel my cunt heating up, more juice running down my legs.  They see it too and pull out their cocks.  They piss all over me.  In my hair, my mouth, on my tits.  They wash away one type of filth to replace it with another.  They pull me onto all fours again and tell me to oink for them, to moo for them, to prove how much of a dirty animal I am.  One of them is making me clean his cock with my mouth, the other is pushing his fingers into my ass, one after another.  I feel the stretch as his fist slips in, the pounding and then the probe of his fingers at my cunt.  I grunt and groan.  1,2,3, 4…rhythmic pounding as his hand fills my arse.  I feel the final push and realise I have a fist in my cunt and ass at the same time.  The guy at my mouth needing to piss again and using me as a toilet.  I’m starting to loose focus, all the hands, cocks, piss, come, spit, it’s all over me and I feel violated and abused.  My body betrays me, my cunt dripping with the excitement as I beg you for more men to service.  You chuckle again, jump out of the van, slam the door and soon we’re on our way again.

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