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December 31st, 2013

Rampant Kitty

The last year or so, I have had a pretty high sex drive.  Considering that I’ve gone through some really asexual periods other the years, this has been a pretty welcome change.  I love sex.  Even when I’ve had some of the lowest moods and worst depressive episodes that I’ve had in years recently, my sex drive has still been pretty high.  However, the last few days, it has been off the scale in how horny I have been and how insatiable too.  I’m not sure what has caused it, although my recent purchases from LoveHoney may have had some effect on me.  And spending a little too much time on Tumblr!

So, what are these wonderful items I have bought?  Well, there’s been a couple of butt plugs, including this lovely one that I bought especially for being able to wear for pretty long periods of time.  It’s really pretty too, although not as adorable as a princess plug!  Sir likes to push me and get me to wear one as long as possible, especially for car journeys and going out sometimes because he knows how much it will turn me on.

I’ve also just bought myself a magic wand in it’s own case.  It’s purple, pretty and so awesome!  I don’t know what actually took me so long to buy one, to be honest!  Much as I’ve had times when I don’t like vibrators and I don’t use them that often, the magic wand is just something else.  It’s so powerful that it’s a little insane and I’ve already had so much fun with my new one!

So, as well as buying some new toys and looking at too many hot gifs on Tumblr, I just seem to be constantly thinking about really hot, rough sex.  My head will get little images and ideas, not really full scenes or major concepts.  A lot of what I’ve been thinking about has been really brutal, rough and degrading, with lots of ideas of being used, being a filthy slut.  Lots of DP, anal, face fucking and general filth.  In the last few days, it’s hit fever pitch, being constantly turned on, my cunt constantly wet, my ass craving to be filled, really wanting to suck cock.  I’ve been distracted by it so much.  I seem to have found a very renewed love of anal and cock sucking recently.

So when I put on my catsuit the other day, it wasn’t surprising to me that I was dripping wet in minutes.  Although I didn’t keep it on to sleep, the horniness continued so when I was being thoroughly abused at 3am, I wasn’t complaining.  Treated roughly, filthily, just how I wanted.  Forced to bend over and teased, fingers at my cunt, my ass in the air, desperate to be full.  Wishing for too much as he grabbed the bigger plug out of the drawer, the one I knew I couldn’t take, the one that scares me.  I’m desperate to take it, for him, for me, for my slutty ass that feels so empty.  It’s only the second time I’ve tried to take it all and I don’t want to disappoint.  My arse in the air, pushing into the plug, screaming in pain, in ecstasy, so guttural, so loud.  I feel like I’m going to come so hard as it goes in, stretching me wide.  He’s so proud of me, so happy to see my ass so full and he finger fucks my cunt and uses my wand on me until I come so hard as he pulls the plug from me.  Come streams down my thighs, I feel so used.  And that’s only the start; his fingers in my arse, fucking me hard, then his cock until he pulls out and fucks my face, finally coming all over me.

I should be happy, sated, fulfilled but the next evening, I find myself slipping my blue butt plug in my tight arse and fucking myself with my favourite dildo, thinking of being fucked in both holes at the same time, wishing I could be used and abused again.  I went to sleep with my ass plugged and thus woke dripping again.

It was Kage that afternoon, overseeing and taking part in a friend’s gangbang.  I was so turned on being involved, getting to watch closely, seeing her and hearing her fucked and moaning for release.  Part of me was also a little jealous, wishing that I could be in her place.  I knew people were watching when I was fucking her and sitting on her face and that turned me on so much more.  We got to have some more fun just the two of us (we couldn’t put each other down) and there was some very hot sex had, me acting like a cat in heat, my arse constantly pushing up and into the air.  Being met with girlcock teasing me and pushing into me, making me gasp.  Both of us coming so hard.

Weirdly, though, I was still insatiable, wanting my arse full, my cunt full, being made to come.  Plugged and fucked, come all over and then still playing with my clit until T got the magic wand out and went to town on me, teasing me with it, varying the speed until finally roughly finger fucking me whilst I came violently from the intense wand on my clit.  Finally feeling sated after days until, of course, waking this morning, my cunt sopping again, my head full of filth, desperate to be used and abused again, desperate for my arse to be full, my cunt to be wreaked.  Messages from H adding to that, and now, here I am, horny and telling the world about my wanton desires, my current obsession with anal and wanting to be thoroughly used and abused.

December 10th, 2013

Rescue Kitty

The new Club Lash flyer.

Shoot outtake

Photos by Chris Wallace,

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