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November 24th, 2013

The Hunt

All that you’ve told me is to wear my running shoes; now I’m sat in the back of the car, blindfolded, no idea where we’re heading to.  The car is oddly quiet; no music, no talking, no laughter.  You were weirdly expressionless when you knocked on my door to pick me up.  We’ve stopped since then but you didn’t let me see, didn’t let me out.  Someone else got into the car but they’ve not said a word.  I know what you have planning but the anticipation is getting to me.  There;s an excited knot in my stomach and I’m getting impatient waiting to find out what’s going on.

The road surface changes and I wonder how much longer this journey will last.  Through the fabric of my blindfold, I can tell it’s getting darker, even though it’s still early in the day.  We slow and stop.  Door open and slam closed and still I wait.  Bang, slam, rustle, slam.  The cool air hits me as the closest door is opened.  Pulled out of the car and pushed slightly along a crackling path.  Then my trousers are pulled down, my hoodie pulled over my head, the suddenness of air on my bare skin covers me in goosebumps.  Stood there in nothing but my trainers and blindfold, my arms crossed across my body as much to hide my shame as keep myself warm.

I wait, time seeming impossibly slow, movement around me; footsteps, car pulling up, doors slamming, metallic clicks, faint murmurings of the other people obviously here too.  I take the time to gather my thoughts , my feelings.  I can smell earth, musty, damp, the freshness of foliage.  The cracking of wood beneath people’s feet place me in a wood of some kind, explaining the coolness and lack of bright sunlight.  I start to wonder what you have in store for me.  There seems to be too many people around to just be tying me to the trees and beating me.  My nakedness so early on into this suggests you mean to let everyone get a good look at me so I doubt it’s a photoshoot.

I’m about to call out and ask what’s going on when I am grabbed by my hair and something cold is pressed under my chin, keeping my head up long after my hair is released.  My breath quickens and I feel my heart pounding with the initial shock.  I know the feel of your pistol against my skin; you’ve used it to scare me before.  I feel and hear your breath at my ear.

“You’d better run fast if you don’t want us to hunt you down.  You have three minutes.” and with that, my blindfold is ripped off.

It takes my eyes precious moments to adjust.  Two others are there, naked, confused, disorientated.  We’re at the edge of a wood with eight or so air gun wielding individuals just behind us.  I can feel the fight building up in me but I know that my only chance is to run.  Ignoring the others, I sprint off down what looks like a path grateful of my trainers.  I weave through trees, duck under branches and try to get as far away as I can.  I pause for a moment, catching my breath whilst deciding where to go next.  A loud pop and a stinging sensation on my arse.  I jump and look around.  I can’t see anyone but the tiny area on my bottom is roaring with pain now.  Another pop but this one misses, skimming past me.  I don’t waste another moment and break into a run again.  So much for a head start!

I hear distant bands and shrieks but I can’t worry about the others.  I twist and turn through the trees until I have no idea of my whereabouts.  Then suddenly, a burst of sound, a burst of pain, the semi-automatic firing rounds into me.  The pain flows through me, adrenaline and endorphins.  I hear rustling leaves, snapping twigs and off I go again, running fast, branches hitting my face, nettles stinging my legs, thorns cutting into me.  I hear pops, bangs, shouts, screams but all in the distance, all a little isolated.  I turn around a tree, nearly running into someone.  I stop dead, realise that it’s you and run, fast.  I hear you pounding after me, shots hitting me, your feet heavy on the ground behind me.  You’re catching up, I can tell.  I try to run faster, try to put more ground between us.

My thigh explodes with pain.  A stream of shots catch me in almost the same place and I stumble.  The pain gets worse, stinging, burning, the afterglow worse than the initial shot.  I’ve stopped dead, the pain catching me unawares.  You’re upon me, grabbing my arms, dragging me to the nearest tree.  Your full weight pushing me into it, rough bark against my breasts, my arms grabbed by someone else, pulled around the trunk and handcuffed.  The coolness of the air skims over my sweaty body and makes me shiver, goosebumps appearing all over my arms.  Time seems to have stopped for there is silence, calm, nothing.  Then the shots come, calculated, precise, my arse the target, close enough together that I don’t have time to process each one.  Burning, stinging, hot.  My body can’t take this.  I can’t help but shout out after a little while, expletives littering my gasps and moans.  For this, you move your aim to my thighs, which causes almost unbearable pain.  Tears are running down my face now, I can’t hold them back.

I don’t even notice that your onslaught has ended until your pistol is under my chin again, the stark coldness of the metal both calming and scaring me.  You don’t say a word but I hear the zip of your fly then the prodding of your strapon at my arse.  You grab my hips and pull me back onto you.  Your hand between my legs, slipping easily over my cunt, to my arsehole.  Your hand on your cock, using my wetness to lube it up.

I gasp as you thrust into me, the suddenness causing pain, mingled with the burning from my bruised arse as your weight presses against it. You chuckle at my gasp and continue to fuck me, getting harder and faster as I moan and push myself towards you.  I’m getting louder, closer to the edge, desperate to come when you grab me by my hair, jerking my head back, covering my gasping mouth with your leather gloved hand.  The pain, the ecstasy and smell combined with you still being deep inside my ass cause me to come immediately, convulsing, unable to hold back, my come running down my legs.

You pull out, tidy yourself up and uncuff me.  I collapse at your feet and kiss your boots in gratitude.  After a moment, you grab my hair at the nape of my neck and yank me to my feet.  You drag me; I’m barely able to keep up.

“Time to show off my prize from the hunt…”

November 13th, 2013

Submission and Collars


I’m a strange one, I suppose.  It took me a long time to accept my submission but, even when I did, I didn’t really understand the collaring thing, beyond it being a sign of ownership, something that I really didn’t want.  I’d owned a few collars as fashion accessories but nothing more. My opinion of it slowly changed, realising the connection I would get when S placed a collar around my neck, the nakedness I would feel without it.  Still, the collar I wore
actually belonged to me.  I did not wear her collar but my own.  When we had the uncollaring ceremony, I took the collar back but I decided that I didn’t want it giving to me directly; I wasn’t in a place emotionally to take it.  So E was with me and took it, as I trusted him to have my D/s interests and happiness at heart.  At the time, he was just a close friend and I wanted him and needed him to look out for me.

When we started playing more seriously and a D/s element crept in, it seemed like a logical and natural thing for him to place my old collar around my neck.  Collars and cuffs made me feel safe, loved, protected.  The Girl wears his permanent, locked collar but I know that’s just not something I could ever do; I’m too much of a switch for something like that.  My old collar was working out fine, most of the time, but it would get uncomfortable after a little while but I just couldn’t see myself getting another one though.  E talked of buying one for me but a few things happened and that saved me the conversation that would seem a little off for a submissive girl to be having.  The thing is, I can power exchange and give myself up in the moment.  I can submit, trust someone with everything and yet I cannot give up that teeny, tiny last bit of control.  I need to be in control, even if that does just mean that the collar that goes around my neck is one that I choose to let someone use on me.

We chose together and I even had it posted to him.  He brought it over and slipped it around my neck, padlocking it for extra effect.  It fits so well; wide enough to feel a little restrictive but comfy enough to wear for hours.  It matches the cuffs he owns already.  It feels beautiful, it smells lovely and it really is mine.  But it’s also a symbol when I wear it that he is looking after me, he is caring for me, he is in control.  I have chosen to give him that and that is what makes this collar so special now.  It may still belong to me but it was bought very much to show who I have given myself to, in that moment and it makes me feel safe and protected.  Plus, it is very pretty.  I’ve always loved wearing a collar but this is the first that has made me feel quite like this.

November 12th, 2013

Come For Me

I’ve been interested in orgasm control and denial for a while now, having almost accidentally found out that I enjoy it.  This applies to me as both a top and bottom.  As a top, I love the power it gives me, the joy I get from their struggle, the enjoyment I get from deciding when they can release.  As a bottom, I find giving up that part of me scary but thrilling, frustrating but arousing in itself.  I love trying so hard to obey orders, to do as they desire of me, to not disappoint.  Plus the prolonging of my release makes it ever so much sweeter when I get it.  Normally, it’s just been a case of asking permission to come and possibly being denied.  Or being told I can masturbate but don’t have permission to come.  It’s been pretty straight forward control and I like that. 

Another aspect of orgasms I am interested in has been ones without direct physical stimulation.  I can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone and I have felt really close from just reading a series of messages from a partner but it’s not a common thing.  Reading good erotica will turn me on but not to that extreme.  Having a partner describe in detail what they want to do to me will have me all hot and bothered, especially when whispered in my ear but, still, there is only so far that has taken me before.  There’s something exciting in the idea that I could come without someone’s touch though and I’ve been intrigued for a little while now but I’ve never really brought it up with anyone.  I wasn’t even really that sure that I would be able to and, even if I did, that it would be easy or repeatable.  That was, until last night.

There wasn’t really anything different about last night.  I needed to get a decent night’s sleep to get back to work today and I wanted company in bed as I’ve had quite a tough few days.  I’d turned the light off, said good night and rolled over when his voice is in my ear, low, soothing but firm.  He talked of a scenario, one which hasn’t actually happened but I can imagine would be hot as hell, after a tiny taster of an e-stim unit recently.  His way with words and descriptions will have me shivering with anticipation normally but there was something a little different.  Repetition of words, of phrases, of ideas.  Talk of his control over me, him holding the control box, his decision of how things would feel for me.  The build up of his words describing my own build up in the scene had the real me twitching along, muscles contracting, feelings intense.  He wasn’t touching me, there was no electric pads on my actual body, nothing to give me sensation but the words coming from his mouth and my mind’s own imaginings.  As he talked of a wave of electrical stimulation down my body, I could feel it, prickling, pulsing, tingling.  When he talked of the final wave, I came, everything feeling like it was really happening.  So when he continued to talk, continued to reinforce the ideas and feelings in me, set my triggers and repeated them, over and over, I wasn’t at all surprised at my body’s response.  Everytime.  Even without words.  Some of my orgasms were earth shattering, others just a gentle spread of warmth in me but they continued, even if he distracted me for a while, even if we were giggling about something else; if that commanding tone came back with my triggers, that was it. 

I was scared.  Good scared, I should add.  I never thought someone would be able to have such an effect on me, have such control over my mind, be able to get in my head so much.  And for it to stick.  An unexpected call today with just my triggers and I was stifling my moans in the stairwell at work, afraid someone would hear me.  A series of text messages and I can feel myself let go.  So simple, so easy, so much control given up.  I have no idea how long it will last, whether I can resist, whether I actually want to.  Only time will tell.  For now though, it’s something different and exciting.

November 9th, 2013

First Meeting

I knock on the hotel room door, nerves almost getting the better of me. As I’m waiting, knots of anticipation in my stomach, crazy thoughts swirling around my head, I almost miss the click of the lock and the voice firmly telling me to come in. My slightly shaking hand turns the handle and I step over the threshold, quickly closing the door behind me.  I don’t see you at first as I’m entranced by the beauty lying on the bed clad in beautiful black lingerie, stockings and scarlet heels, the same shade as her lipstick.  You clear your throat and I quickly turn to see you striding over to me.  Before I can even take my coat off, your hand is in my hair, pushing me to the floor, my mouth at your feet, forced to my knees, my arse in the air.

“You’re late.” your stern voice rings out.

I feel shame flood my face and I try to apologise but you’re pushing my face into the carpet.  You pull on my coat roughly, popping the buttons off the front, dragging it off my body.  Underneath it, I just have on the underwear that I found at my own hotel, along with the the details of where to come tonight and some very strict instructions.  You seem happy as your grip loosens on the nape of my neck and I can hear a slight smile in your voice as you talk to me.

“Good girl!”

You move away from me but I stay where you’ve placed me, not wanting to get on your bad side any further.  My body shivers with desire, wanting to feel your hands on me, wanting you to kiss me, wanting you to take me completely.

“Come over here, girl.”  your voice firm but not angry and I get up neatly and move over to where you’re standing, my head slightly bowed.

You take your hand, cupping my chin and lifting my head to face you.  Our eyes meet for a second and you pull me into a deep, passionate kiss.  Our tongues meet, you take my lower lip into your mouth and bite hard enough to make me gasp.  Then your tongue is deep in my mouth again and I can feel the electricity, feel the throb in my cunt.  I grasp at your back, at your arms, at any part of you that I can get my hands on, desperate for you, desperate for more than just your kisses.

You sense my desperation and push me back to my knees.  You slowly unbuckle your belt, undo your zip, lower your trousers, taking your time to taunt me a little.  Your cock is right by my mouth, not fully erect but twitching with arousal.  I use my tongue to lick around the head, gently teasing, coaxing your hardness.  Kissing along the shaft and licking my way back up, holding myself back, not wanting to come across too eager.  I take the head into my mouth and suck a little, staring up at your face and the moment you catch sight of that look in my eyes, the one that shows just how much I want you, you grab the back of my head and drive your cock into my waiting mouth, pushing deep into me, making me gag a little.  I suck you like my life depends on it, my head bobbing, hungry for you, desperate to taste you.  You grab my hair and fuck my face, your cock getting deeper, swelling with every thrust, egged on with the sounds of my gagging, the tears running down my face, the eagerness of my continued sucking.  I feel your cock begin to pulse and you hold my head so my chin is deep in your balls.  Your hot come shoots down my throat and I keep swallowing so that I don’t choke, delighted by the taste, by the feeling that my mouth has been used for your pleasure and that alone.

You pull out of me and pull me back to my feet.  You strip off what little clothing I have on, leaving just the stockings held up by the straps of a beautiful vintage suspender belt.  You do the same to the gorgeous woman on the bed, leaving just her stockings and heels.  I’m mesmerised as you do, doing it with much less haste and much more care and attention to her body than you did with me, knowing that it will arouse me, knowing that I won’t be able to look away.  Your hands slip the straps of her bra off her shoulders and run down to her generous breasts, cupping them, caressing them, gently squeezing them before unhooking the bra at her back.  It slips off with ease, releasing each breast and I quietly gasp as I catch the sight of her gorgeous nipples.  You take each one in your mouth in turn, gently nibbling and sucking whilst running your hands down to her arse.  Your hands skim over her cheeks and you hook your thumbs into her knickers, slowly tugging them down, revealing her cunt.  You kiss down her belly, slowly, tenderly and stop just above her clit.  An intake of breath, a look of pleasure on her face.  You push her back onto the bed, lying between her legs, kissing her deeply and a moan escapes me.  You pause and look over to me.

“Do you want something, girl?”

I quickly look down and mumble something.  You’re upon me in a second, pushing me to a chair and tying my ankles to the legs, handcuffing my wrists together behind me back.  I feel exposed, my legs spread, your hand millimeters from my cunt.

“Oh, my, girl.  I can feel the heat from you already and we’ve not even really got started.”

I blush and lower my head again.  You quickly hold my head back up and look me straight in the eyes.

“You will keep your head up, like a proud little slut.  I wouldn’t want you to miss seeing this.”

You drag the chair over towards the bed and then slip out of the rest of your clothing.  Your cock is hard again and the sight of it makes me bite my lower lip.  You pull her legs open wide and I can see her wet and waiting cunt, making me wish my tongue could sweep over her lips, taste her.  Instead, you slide your cock into her smoothly and begin to fuck her deeply, her groans of desire growing louder as you pound away at her.  Your hands roam over her body, tweaking her nipples, holding her down, kissing her deeply.  I can feel the wetness increasing between my thighs, the sounds and sights of the pair of you turning me on more than I wish were true. I am desperate to touch myself but, instead, I can only watch as you continue a steady rhythm and bring her to orgasm so many times that even I have lost count. She’s screaming her head off now, and you pull out, flip her over and press her face into the pillow to muffle the sound. Your cock teases along the divide of her arse cheeks and the head prods at her holes, alternating between cunt and asshole. You take your time, delighting in seeing her push back into you, hearing my soft moan of longing. You pause and look over to me, a smirk on your face as you push yourself into her obviously tight arse until your balls hit her pussy lips. She explodes, a mixture of immense pleasure and pain leaving her mouth and you fuck her, motivated by her convulsions.  I’m transfixed as I watch you pound her hard and fast until you pull out and shoot the rest of your load onto her backside.

You walk over, unfasten my legs and drag me to the bed by my hair. You shove my face into her cleft.

“I want her clean” you demand.

I hesitate for a moment and it’s long enough for you to notice. You pull my head back sharply and slap me sharply across the face, the sound resonating around the room.

“For that, you’ll do my cock and balls too” you growl fiercely and you shove my face back to her arse.

My face is burning, not only from the slap but the shame. I stick my tongue out and start to draw it up over her cunt, where your come has mingled with her juices. She shivers and I’m encouraged by her reaction and my own surprise at how good it tastes. I work my way up, delving into her cunt, already sopping again. I gently tease her perineum with long, light strokes and then probe her arsehole, still slightly stretched, the last remains of your come inside.

I get up to come and clean you but, instead you push me back to the bed.

“You disgust me. Only a cheap whore would clean a come filled arse like that.  Next you’ll be begging for me to fill your own ass, won’t you, slut?”

“Oh, please, please fuck me, even my arse. I need your cock, I need your come.” I surprise myself with my wanton desire.

You toss over a large strap on to her; she grabs it and moves out of my line of sight. I wait, nervous, hungry for your touch, for your mouth, for your cock. She lies back down on the bed, a sizable dildo harnessed to her hips. It’s bigger than I’ve ever taken and I know my eyes must have widened at the sight of it.

“What’s wrong, little slut?” she says to me, with more than a little teasing in her voice. “Scared of my cock, are we?”

I nod, another blush spreading across my face.

“Better get it good and wet then” you say as you push my head towards it.

I struggle to take it in my mouth but do my best and when you’re happy, you pull me up and position me so I’m straddling her, the solid cock just pushing into my hole. You reach around from behind me and start to trace your finger over and around my clit. I shiver and wriggle and I find myself pushing on the cock a little. I can’t help enjoy it and try to take more of it. I can feel it stretching me, both uncomfortable and turning me on,  knowing how full it will make me feel. You continue to play with my clit, her hands lightly pinching my nipples, the occasional sharper pinch making me react and take even more of the dildo.

You suddenly stop and I pout.


“What more do you want, slut? It’s completely inside you.”

I can’t quite believe it; I feel so turned on, so close to orgasm, so desperate for more. As though you have heard my thoughts, you bend me forward and start to poke at my arsehole. I moan; I can’t help it. I feel the cold of your lubed up cock trying to breach the entrance to my arse and I nearly come right there. You take it as a sign to push your way into me and I shudder with release. After the first wave is over you start to fuck me slowly, rocking me on the huge cock filling my cunt. I can’t think straight, my orgasms are exploding into one long stream of delight and I feel so used and full.

I don’t know how long it continues. I am a wreak from pleasure and you use that to your advantage, fucking my holes and using me until you are both done, both panting, spent, finished with me. I am disheveled, sweaty, covered in come, stockings ripped, lipstick smudged, mascara streaking down my cheeks. You throw me my coat and push me through the door.

“Same time tomorrow, slut?”

All I can do is nod as you slam the door in my face. A grin breaks out on my lips as I turn and walk away.

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