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August 7th, 2013


I have earned my needle play badge, I feel.

I’ve been playing with needles for a while now, mainly having other people use me as a pincushion. In fact, it’s something I’ve been craving again for a while. I also won some supplies in the SMD auction last year, and bought some extra stuff in the hope that I would get to practice on a willing victim play partner sometime. So far, that’s been on my own arm. Not quite so much fun, really.

The other night, I had a surprising opportunity. I have been playing with this person for a little while now and they are revelling in their submissive side with me at the moment. I am able to push them and we both get a lot from it. They have a terrible fear of needles though so I would have never even thought of it until they said they would take anything for me.

Now, I know this is a very risky place to be. When a person trusts you that much, how far do you really push them? I knew they were working on the needle thing as a practical, medical related thing so I talked to them. They knew their safeword, they knew I wouldn’t push them too far and they knew I was there for them, to bring them back, to look after them. Although, I obviously like needles, I wasn’t doing this for me.

Skin prepped, I used needles the same gauge that I know are used for venepuncture. Careful, gentle, reassuring. The power of piercing the skin flowing through me. The immense pride in my bottom. Not because they took needles for me but because they took them at all and so well. I just hope I have helped make life a little easier, have eased the fear just a little bit, for they are strong and able to take more than I ever imagined. They deserve the badge more than I do but, I hope, that when they see I have it, they’ll remember why I do.


I want to add that this was with full consent. I would never have done it without talking about it and stopped the second they wanted me to. I don’t play lightly with phobias and don’t think anyone should. I felt very honoured to be trusted this much and am very aware of my responsibility.

August 6th, 2013


I could spend every minute playing
Kink a major part of my life
Topping one moment
Submissive the next
Sadistic yearnings explored
Desires to be owned and to own
Dominant at times
Rope slipping across my skin
Needles piercing
Hand spanking
Being fucked
Craving sensation
Craving closeness
Craving release, again and again.

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