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August 25th, 2012


The build up of nerves, the excitement of new connections, the anticipation of new experiences.  The level of fear of the unknown, overshadowed by the thought of the fun that will occur.  The knowledge that old connections still remain, that this is something different, not a replacement.

I get this giddy feeling every time I have a planned play session; I really should plan more play!

August 9th, 2012

Punched, Slapped and Fucked

My cheek gently caressed by her hand, I feel safe and close my eyes. Big mistake as I’m shocked into the real world again by a vicious sting on the other cheek. A second later, his cock is driving into my cunt and I feel delicate hands tugging at my nipples. Just as I’m getting used to the pain, it stops. I let out a whimper. My second big mistake as his cock starts pushing into my arse and she’s pushing my head onto hers. Trying to focus on the fingers in her dripping cunt, I lose track of what is where, my body overcome with sensation, inching towards the precipice of my orgasm. It pulses through me, again and again, guttural screaming making me hoarse. I become unaware of my surroundings, coming to, dishevelled on the bed.

Thinking I’m safe, I try to get up but am pushed back down, his head between my legs, her hands scratching, slapping and punching my already exhausted body. His nails in my skin, her biting at my neck. Overcome by my desire again, I’m aware of movement and suddenly her cock is in me. My moans of pleasure are cut off by his hand over my month and nose and I find myself pushed to the edge again, ecstasy taking over. Surely they must be done with me now, this tiny, used bundle? Apparently not…

August 1st, 2012


Don’t you love it when you end up enjoying something new in play that was totally unexpected?  Whether it’s realising how much you get a kick from needles or suddenly finding your toppy side, expanding your kinks is fun.

There’s been so many awesome, unexpected moments in play.

“Don’t come until I tell you”, whispered in my ear during already incredibly hot sex pushed me to my limits in a most marvellous way.  Bursting with desire and being desperate to obey.  Needing to please her but wanting my own release.  So amazingly hot!

Kidding around about a silly, bullying roleplay and suddenly having my hair grabbed and being teased and called the same kind of things I expected people really thought about me at school.  Pushed into a place that I was scared to be in but done in such a sexy way that I still had present day me in the back of my mind telling me that it was ok.  Realising that I can actually become a different person (or at least a different mindset) and it’s not just play acting was weird but fabulous.

Playing at a play party on a whim, after a service task and having one of the most special and connected scenes that I can remember; actually getting into subspace, which is definitely something I don’t do often during public play and not a sensation that I feel is a necessity of play for me.  I felt like there was just the two of us in that moment and I was totally taken somewhere else.   And all at a party where we thought we’d be too tired to play and didn’t want to put any pressure on ourselves.  The lack of expectations from each other just made it more awesome for me; so unexpected and memorable.

I love still being able to explore myself; finding pleasure in the unexpected.

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