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July 20th, 2012

Fight Fire with Fire

Fire brings out a different side of me.  The thought of setting a trail of flash cotton over someone’s back and then teasing with a sparkler, flickering over their skin, feeling the prickling moments of heat dancing, never sure when the intense flash of pain will hit.

Fire mesmirises me, excites me and draws out the top in me.  I suddenly have a desire to tease and torment, playing with fire and ice, working with sensations, pushing the senses, driving someone crazy.

The glint in my eye, the crazy grin, the evil giggle; that’s what happens when you let a pyromaniac kinkster play with fire!

July 9th, 2012

Punch Bag

The deep resonating thuds on my shoulders, your fists pummelling into my body.

I drift off into space as you use your hands upon me but come swiftly back with the sting of your hand slapped across my face.

My body sinks into relaxation, my mind filled with glowing pleasure.

Rhythmic punching makes me putty in your hands; open to whatever you desire.

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