AlyssHi, welcome to my personal website and blog.  I come here to talk sex, kink and other matters of an intimate nature.

I am 32, female and identify as a poly, bisexual, often femme, switch. My sexuality is relatively fluid, although heavily leaning towards my love of women, especially curvaceous, feminine ones.  I often write about my partners and my life in general, but I also write fiction, fantasy and just general musings.  If you want to read my stuff, click on the Blog tab.

There is more to me than my sexuality though, and I still see myself as a scientist, a writer, a crafter. There are many things I do in my spare time and, although I may not do them well, I do them because I love them and enjoy them and they add to who I am as a person.


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  1. Hi Alyss,
    I just followed you over here from RubberPal. What an interesting, intimate and sympathetic blog (and profile on RP)! I’ll visit again and tell my wife about it too. Who knows, maybe our paths will cross one day, but meanwhile I hope you enjoy exploring your own and others’ sexuality and pleasure in each other. We might even get swapping baking ideas (perhaps that’s a kink too far)!

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